Breast Examinations For Early Detection Of Breast Cancer – Eat Healthiest Foods

Breast cancer is a very fatal disease responsible for thousands of deaths among women annually. It is the second most common type of cancers among women and every year huge number of women is diagnosed with this disease worldwide. Breast cancer has the ability to develop in any part of breasts and armpits also but most likely it develops in the milk producing factory called lobules and in the ducts those help in transportation of prepared milk to the nipples of breasts. When in the beginning a cancerous tumor is formed it is of a very small size and is not risky. But later when it starts growing it can be very harmful as it can grow over night. As the cancer tumor can grow very rapidly it is very important to detect it at most early stage. if it will be detected earlier it would be treated successfully. But however if there is a delay occurred in cancer’s detection it will result in the failure of any treatments as advanced stage of cancer is not yet successfully treatable. Breast examinations to help early detection are basically of many types but most commonly acknowledged are two. Physical Examinations Mammograms Physical examinations are categorized into two types; one is self examination and the other is clinical examination. self examination of breasts is advised to be stared soon after getting twenty and it should be performed every month. When you are giving so much importance to everything around you, you should spare some time for you. breast cancer is most common in women than any other gender. If you are sparing some time to examine your breasts routinely you can lower the possibility of breast cancer development in you. Clinical examination of breast is another type of physical examination that is performed by a health practitioner to find a lump or any other abnormal change in your breasts. this examination is good in finding cancer lumps. Mammograms called as gold standard and the best test for showing breast cancer earlier than any other test are highly reliable type of breast exam. Mammogram can be performed on every age of women but it is most successful when it is performed on the age group 40 and above. Risk of breast cancer is at its peak when you have grown enough to touch the age of 45. However it should also be in your mind that this cancer is also detected in the premenopausal women. women belonging to any age group have to be alert about this cancer and they should be in touch with breast exam in a regular manner because in a more open way breast cancer has no mercy for any age.