The Different Parts of the World and the Dental Works – Eat Healthiest Foods

Now you can often hear from tourists: “Oh, I just was in such an excellent SPA!”. Or: “We went to Switzerland, passed a course of SPA in the clinic. Simply super! “. However, many people do not know – where and for what they can or should apply. And anyway – what are the SPA. “Clients do not quite understand what they want and expect from SPA salons. To overcome this inertia, it is necessary to establish service standards. It is necessary to clearly define and distinguish the roles of the beauty salon and SPA-centers”.

And it is true

Very many hotels, following the fashion and trying to entice customers, write on their websites that they are starting to work or an excellent SPA-center is opening. But is it really so? And how is it different from a conventional beauty cabinet or a beauty and health club?

Alas, but the “standards” are still different, and “they” and “we”. Even in every single SPA center, hotel or salon (and even in the “heads” of their managers).

So, what SPA are waiting for lovers of healthy rest in the world? It is difficult to answer this question, even if specialists “leave” from a direct answer to it, and if they do, they still do so in different ways. If it is impossible to answer unequivocally, then we will outline some of the signs that distinguish various SPA among “relatives” in the sphere of this, primarily, the tourism industry. With Greentoes in Tucson you will be satisfied fully.

The European center for the study and promotion of resorts and water sources ISPA Europe offered the most complete breakdown into the SPA category. I propose this list in a slightly simplified form. There are:

  1. Complex SPA.
  2. Medical SPA.
  3. SPA – mineral waters (classic from the “Belgian” times).
  4. SPA hotels.
  5. SPA-clubs.
  6. One-day (day) SPA (DAYSPA).
  7. SPA-cruises (sea, river, lake, etc.).

This classification, unfortunately, has become very cumbersome, if we talk about the SPA, as a tourist business. Especially, for Europe or Asia, where everything has long been mixed up. Therefore, we will allow ourselves to slightly simplify it and suggest using a more understandable and intelligible one. Namely:

  • DAYSPA (SPA “one day”, which includes all the necessary offices, which can be visited at any convenient time, daily or by choice);
  • MEDISPA (SPA centers with a professional medical bias, including clinics and clinics);
  • SPA-hotels (places in the most famous resorts, having everything necessary to spend there some time and undergo the necessary procedures).

All other SPA options, in fact, are only combinations of the three. Very often, especially in Europe, all three SPA options are combined in one place. You came to the resort, settled in a SPA-hotel, where you can visit the SPA-center (DAYSPA) every day or take a course of more serious medical treatment (MEDISPA).