Benefits of Fortune Rice bran Health oil that makes it the ideal cooking oil – Eat Healthiest Foods

In almost every Indian household cooking oil is the most basic ingredient that goes into every dish. This makes heart health one of the key factors while picking a cooking oil. One should pick up an oil that is good for heart and helps in increasing good cholesterol while reducing the bad cholesterol, and also improves immunity. Fortune Rice Bran Health Oil does just that. Here are the benefits that make it a must-have in your kitchen:

Heart health matters
With the goodness of gamma oryzanol, Fortune Rice Bran Health Oil helps improve HDL/LDL ratio, which keeps a check on your cholesterol levels and your heart health. Bad cholesterol poses a risk for heart health and this oil helps in lowering it owing to the presence of nutrients like gamma oryzanol.

The power of immunity
Immunity of the entire family has become very important now a days. Fortune Rice Bran Health oil has natural antioxidants that boost immunity and helps in keeping your family healthier.

Suitable for all food types
No matter what you are planning to cook, Fortune Rice Bran Health Oil will compliment your dish. It has a high smoking point which makes it ideal for frying as well. So one can enjoy all kinds of dishes with this oil while keeping a check on your heart health.

A younger you
Apart from having a plethora of health benefits, this heart-healthy oil has squalene that also helps in providing a younger skin.

These rice bran oil benefits make it a one of a kind cooking oil and you can give your family these benefits by simply kick-starting a heart-healthy lifestyle with Fortune Rice Bran Health Oil.