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When trying to leave the use of alcohol and drugs, you develop mixed feelings. Mostly are negative, combining the energy of anger, frustration, and pain. This energy may be because of a situation like a relapse. You have tried multiple times but always fell into the trap of relapse, and now you feel like giving up. You have no idea how to recover from drugs.

Perhaps you might be thinking you will never quit this harmful activity as there is no way to overcome it. You may also know someone who is struggling with the same problem. But you will find it useful to know that there is a solution to it.

Maintaining your willpower and controlling your cravings lifelong can be a difficult task. However, you can manage these by following the mantra- remember, re-engage, and replace.


This mantra is not about remembering your mistake or the pain caused by your decision. It is to remember two main points that can help you get through the situation by judging it more clearly.

Remember: where you are

You should be able to recognize where you stand in the recovery journey of yours? It helps you bring more clarity to the next step. If you don’t know where you stand, ask yourself the questions to see a situation more clearly.

Am I consuming the right amount of alcohol? Do you think you have no limit or control when drinking alcohol? What was the last situation when you drank consistently?

What are the other’s opinions about the way I drink? It is not easy to judge your condition. Family and friends always help you point out your struggle with alcohol and the severity of your condition. So think has anyone commented on your drinking? What conclusion can you come to by listening to their suggestion? How chronic is your case?

  • Remember: How you function.

This question is not about how you are feeling now but how you generally feel. How you typically respond to the session you take in support groups, counseling, and other therapy. Supposedly, you are a high socially engaging person, then joining an active social support group can change and strengthen you.


You will have to find a stress outlet to release all the negative emotions. It helps in the recovery process. Exercise and other physical activities help you convert negative thoughts into positive ones. There are many other activities, like serving people and joining community groups to give recovery valuable tools. It can help to take a break from your struggle and refocus your energy on helping others.


You must know to replace your thoughts. Alcoholism brings a lot of low feelings and negative thoughts like:

  • Irrational fear
  • Depression relating to past failures
  • Stress about how to overcome addiction
  • Guilt for the previous action
  • The helplessness of not able to change

So it is essential to detox mentally along with physical ones. In a counseling session, the professional guides you on identifying and replacing these low thoughts and emotions whenever they appear.


No matter how big your problem looks like you can always solve it. If you follow these rules, you will know how to recover from drugs and stay positive. You can learn more about the problem by clicking the link .

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