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Barbecue party is a great tradition in the US. Gathering around the grill and cooking steak with chilled beer and lots of chit chat is what a barbecue party is all about. It’s something that is being celebrated for years and will continue for many more years to come. Cooking steak is also an art, one has have skills to make a perfect steak.

The tradition of cooking steak in America goes back a long time.it is a tradition that is passed on to various generations. It is a pride for those who know the right way of cooking steak on grill and oven. Not everyone is specialized in it. There is perfection required when a person is cooking steak.

Every time during summer holidays, we quickly grab meat and rush to the grill to relax a while with a pack of chilled beer and champagne. Rubs and marinades are applied to the meat to make it tender and flavourful. However, the true secret is not actually in the sauces, but in the grilling process itself.

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Cooking a delicious steak is not as hard as the chefs make it look. All you need is time, patience, and the right skills which come with practice. Experts say that if you want to cook a perfect steak, then it should start by buying the right meat. You should know the most important aspect which is the type of steak that has to be cooked.

Here are some common mistakes that many people do while cooking or grilling steak, which ends up in a disaster –

  • While buying steak you should always know, the piece meant for grilling and the one best when fried in oil. A butcher can help you with all information as it is his or her business.
  • Buy meat that has white lines and flecks of fat on the skin, instead of lean steak which is dry and not helps on every occasion. While cooking this meat, fat enters the meat making it juicier.
  • Steak can’t be seasoned inside so you need to season it well on both sides and leaves it 30-40 minutes before cooking. People often season less or add less salt thinking it might spoil the juicy flavour, which in the end makes the steak bland.
  • Don’t cook steak immediately after taking it out of the refrigerator because that will cook meat unevenly by burning the outside and leaving the inside portion raw. It is best to leave the meat for some time to come at room temperature and then start grilling it.
  • Don’t flip meat frequently while grilling or cooking it, also don’t leave one side for a long time on the pan because this may dry or burn that side. The best way of cooking steak is by turning in intervals but not frequently.
  • Before serving the dish always leave it wrapped in a foil. The foil will keep it warm and it will give some time for the juice to enter the meat.

We often buy meat from a grocery store with other ingredients. However, those are packed frozen meat which is left in the refrigerator for a long time. Such meat is no longer juicier or tender and the marination may not help in seasoning it. If you really want a nutritional and delicious meal, then approach a butcher. They will provide with best cuts and fresh meat.