Do You Know How to Use N95 Mask? – Eat Healthiest Foods

Ever since corona virus cases started increasing all over the world, people have started using N95 masks, which was usually used by medical professionals.

You can get top quality protective N95 face masks from Custom Earth Promos of many different designs and shapes. Nowadays, it is mandatory requirement to wear such masks whenever you are moving in public places.

Whenever you buy any N95 masks, you must make sure that it is certified by NIOSH only. Any masks that are not certified will not offer you the required amount of protection from virus attack. These masks are only meant for protecting against virus, but it does not protect against gas leak or asbestos etc.

However, wearing these masks for a very long time may cause breathing problem too. Therefore, nowadays N95 respirators are also available, which is more preferred than masks due to following reasons.

  1. Masks cannot protect against breathing of too small particles like mold, dust as usually mask does not tightly cover your face,
  2. Respirator allows you to breathe through respirator filter which does not allow any small particle.

How to use masks?

  1. Always follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer of your N95 masks that may vary between manufacturers to manufacturer. It must properly fit the shape of your face.
  2. Now, place your hand in front of your mask/respirator and exhale sharply. If air is leaking then you need to adjust your mask/respirator.
  3. After you have come back to home or safe place then you may take off your mask/respirator.
  4. You may hang it in some safe and clean place to dry it out, so that it does not get damaged. In case, it gets damaged then you cannot reuse it.
  5. If the mask/respirator is damaged or soiled too much then you must dispose it.
  6. Disposable masks also cannot be washed or cleaned and after they become unusable it is better to dispose them off.
  7. You can dispose this masks/respirator in regular trash bin.

People who find breathing problem after wearing these masks particularly who are patient of asthma or heart disease, must consult their doctors before using masks.

How long a N95 mask be reused?

Most face masks usually meant for single use however because of shortage of their supply, CDC has recommended few reuse methods.

CDC has however not exactly specified how long it can be reused and hence based on condition of your mask you can decide whether to reuse or not. .

If you try to clean your mask too frequently, then it will start deteriorating like any other material and duration you may reuse will reduce. Rather than deciding how many times your mask to be reused, better check the condition of the mask.

In case, you find that your mask is deteriorated then better to discard the mask rather than reusing it. Therefore, after each use thoroughly inspect your mask. Also, pay a special attention about its fitting on your face. If the elasticity of your mask straps is too lose then too it must be discarded.