What to Eat Before and After Workout? – Eat Healthiest Foods

If you consider yourself smart or intelligent, then you must have a roadmap for a proper diet to intake before and after the workout, especially not to take mixed wine cases online. Are you struggling with managing a budget? Are you confused by all these fancy diets such as Keto and Atkins diet? Are you still figuring out a balanced diet? If yes, then this article is definitely for you, as it will not only guide you regarding what nutrition’s to consume but also small tidbits that are worth millions of dollars.

The roadmap to fueling your body with complete nutrition before starting a workout

Mindful eating is what you must practice enough times that it becomes a habit and an essential part of your body training. Skipping meals and then working out on an empty stomach can make you lose more health than gain. Your body needs fuel to be able to perform all those extensive workouts or even if just simply a fast walk. Staying hungry will leave you lethargic, dull, and you might probably injure yourself without the possibility of having certain deficiencies. Before directly heading towards what you can eat, below are mentioned a few tidbits that you must keep in mind and put into practice.

  • Following the time strictly

According to nutritionists, the perfect timing should be done for your body to function out properly, by keeping you energized. So it is must that an hour or two before the workout you can have your meal which should be inappropriate portions keeping a balanced diet. However, if you do not feel like eating or you are doing a morning workout, and you don’t have the right feeling of consuming breakfast. Then you can rely on smaller meals, but they should be energy boosters like a granola bar or apple juice.  The best recommendation would be a healthy green smoothie which will fill you up with all the essential nutrition.

Water is quite essential when it comes to keeping your body hydrated before and during the workout. In a day about 8 to 12 glasses of water is a need of your body, as without it you will suffer great consequences. It is best to drink two glasses of water one hour before workout and 15 to 20 minutes one more glass before you kick starts your exercise. Moreover, during the workout two to three sips of water after every ten minutes of the high-intensity workout to keep your mouth from drying off.

Furthermore, HIIT or cardio will increase your heart rate and make you lose water fast, so you need to stay hydrated. Scientific research discovered that you must check the color of your urine first thing in the morning. If it is of a lime yellow color than you are not water-deficient and if it is a darker yellow than this means you require more water in your system.

  • Carbs filled snacks before a workout

Intake of small snacks or meals full of carbs will boost your energy levels. Precaution: it is not recommended for sugar patients. Now you must be wondering how that happens? Its simple carbs get converted to glucose, and with the right intensity of the workout, it can help your muscles staying energized as it consumes glucose and burns fat. If your glucose reserves get empty, you will probably feel dull and would restore towards sleeping rather than working out. The best form of carbs you can intake are fruits, as fruits are natural appetizers and are engrossed with vitamins and minerals that are essential for your body. The next option could be a granola bar or a cup of oatmeal, as these too are rich in nutrition.

The other most powerful element is proteins which are good if a small portion of it is consumed before workout. It helps in muscle gain as small rips are formed after exercise in our muscles, which get healed through proteins, making them look fit and strong. Hence, people who do strength training and heavy weight lifting rely heavily on protein, as their main focus is to gain muscular strength and make biceps, triceps and abs. So the best sources of protein can be boiled eggs, protein shakes, nuts, beef or even a slice of turkey will be good for you as a prerequisite to working out.

The after-workout food essentials

A plate full of food having a portion of salad containing all green leafy vegetables, another portion of proteins such as turkey or fish and lastly some wheat or rice with which you can add green tea to detoxify your body. This platter is great for those who want to maintain their weight as it is, and they work out only to stay in shape. However, if you are skinny and want to gain weight, add a glass of milk having a tablespoon of honey in it in place of green tea. As you need to gain back the calories, you have lost, and additional calories will only do you good. If you want to lose weight, then have two pieces of chicken with brown rice, some salad and a cup of green tea with lemon. Precaution: If you do not take a proper meal after a workout, you will feel fatigued, dull, slow muscle development and you would more likely be starving yourself of all the electrolytes lost as sweat. Additionally, the other essentials needed for your body are mentioned below:

  • Water, water and some more water

Exercising causes you to lose water and do keep in mind water is an essential element in your body. You need it! Period. So after you have recovered your breath drink some sips of water, which would feel heavenly at that moment. The higher the intensity of the workout, the hotter the environment you are surrounded by, and lastly your body needs will help you determine how much water intake you need. So even if you take a minimum of 8 glasses per day, so that is the best time to complete your minimum requirement and then shift towards your meal.

Some meals you may consider having as your dinner, which will not starve your taste buds and meet your daily nutrition intake as well:

  1. Peanut butter with bread and protein shake.
  2. Baked whole wheat bread with beef curry.
  3. Salad especially spinach leaves with roasted turkey
  4. Intake of nuts and banana is also good for raising your energy levels and help in muscle recovery.
  5. Quinoa and berries, preferably blackberries.


It is concluded that always check with your doctor and make sure you do are not deficient in some minerals or vitamins. If that is so, then your diet and workout should be according to what your doctor recommends. Lastly choose the workout that you enjoy the most, as only then you will be able to do it regularly and make sure to sleep after two hours of your dinner.

Health is Wealth!