5 Tips For Eating Healthy At A Wedding – Eat Healthiest Foods

Just because you’ve accepted the invitation to attend that wedding doesn’t mean you have to give up on your diet to do so. There are plenty of options available when it comes to making healthy food choices, you simply need to think before you fill up your plate.

You may also think that means foregoing having any fun at the wedding in favor of staying on your diet but sometimes it makes sense to simply have a cheat day and forget about eating healthy for just one event. But that’s not how everyone thinks and for those of you who are fully committed to that diet, come hell or high water, you’re probably preparing yourself to starve for the day.

You don’t have to go that far to stay on point with your diet. There are things you can do, choices you can make, and ultimately, food you can eat even if the wedding catering in Richmond va has provided you with a limited number of options on the menu.

So here are five tips you can follow for eating healthy at a wedding to keep you from throwing all caution to the wind and splurging to the point of destroying all hope of returning to your normal routine once you get home.

1. Think Ahead

Some folks will simply think ahead first, plan on navigating through that limited menu by eating right and staying on track in the days before the event is about to take place. That way, if there are few healthy options or your average calorie intake is thrown off track the day of the wedding, it’s not too bad and you should be able to recover quickly.

2. Eating Small

One of the more reliable tips that seems to help just about everyone as they navigate through the wedding menu is to reduce the amount of food you put on your plate. That means staying only with small portions of everything, from what you drink to how much you eat from the plate that’s placed in front of you.

If you’re working from a buffet this can be a much easier task to accomplish because you are able to control the portion quantities that end up on your plate. But for those meals that have been portioned for you by the caterers, then you may need to exert some increased willpower to keep yourself from consuming the entire amount you see before you. Eat half, leave the rest.

3. Steer Clear

Some things you’re just going to want to avoid entirely, even in those small portions. If you get one taste, you’re likely to want more and while a bite or two won’t significantly impact your diet, you may start to slip into old habits.

So you’re going to want to avoid any foods that have been fried or breaded, foods that come in a cream sauce, salads with thick dressings, pastas in mayonnaise or sour cream, and even soups that have a cream base instead of a broth base.

4. Breads and Rolls

You can be sure there will be baskets of bread or rolls on those buffet lines or in the center of your table. Just leave them alone or, if you really want to try some because they’ve just come out of the oven and they’re nice and warm and smell wonderful, take one. Only one. That’s one slice or one roll.

Bread comes with a lots of calories and if you’re trying to limit your intake as you make it through the wedding without cheating, you should definitely go small when the bread comers around.

Speaking of salads, you can also remove the croutons since you’re trying to avoid anything with bread or breading.

5. Drink Wisely

Heading to the bar means you need to be responsible about your intake. No, we’re not talking about watching how much you imbibe (even though, you probably should), we’re talking about watching WHAT you imbibe. It’s pretty hard to resist an open bar and we certainly don’t expect you not to have a drink or two at the wedding.

Just be careful about what you pick when you’re counting your calories. Beer and wine are actually better choices in that regard, light beer is even better. Stay away from the mixed drinks as they can run you as many as 1000 calories depending on what you’ve chosen for a mixer. So remember, what you put in your glass is just as important as what you put on your plate. Together, they can help you stay on your diet.