A Comprehensive Guide to Holistic Medicine Careers – Eat Healthiest Foods

There are many different avenues you may choose if looking to go into a holistic medicine career. Holistic medicine refers to practices that provide treatment for medical issues that are not traditionally part of Western medicine. Holistic medicine looks at the whole person, as opposed to just symptoms or parts of the person because holistic health practitioners understand that an individual’s parts are all connected and impact each other in profound ways.

For example, a woman may go to the doctor for frequent headaches and be treated with harsh painkillers that may or may not help while causing other problems. When in reality, the headaches were being caused by a misalignment in her spine, causing strain, and a few visits to a chiropractor caused her headaches to go away completely.

All healthcare professionals should be trained in how to react in an emergency and when their expertise is not sufficient for the situation. They should know what is the difference between BLS and ACLS, and they should be up to date on best practices for first responders. Aside from knowing how to react in an emergency, holistic healthcare professionals should have an understanding of how to connect with their patients. Here are a few avenues to consider when looking at holistic medicine.

Reiki Practioner

Reiki is considered a form of light-touch massage and can be done without any physical touch. The premise of Reiki is that a misalignment in the chakras can cause a multitude of physical, mental, and emotional problems. Clearing negative energy and focusing on an alignment of the Chakras can provide immense relief, clarity, and relaxation.

Many consider Reiki a form of meditation due to the many positive benefits. A Reiki practitioner goes through several levels of training, which allows them to practice at different levels. The benefits of Reiki have been well documented, and major hospitals have started adding reiki practitioners to the surgical teams because there is evidence that patients heal faster when Reiki is combined with their traditional treatment.

Meditation Instructor

Meditation has been practiced throughout the world since the beginning of time. Ancient societies practiced meditation as a means of connecting with their higher powers. While many viewed meditation as a religious practice, it has been proven to relieve depression and anxiety, improve sleep, and provide enhanced clarity and focus. There is a broad range of different types of meditation, and instructors can take either a spiritual or non-spiritual approach.

While the various practices of meditation are diverse, the benefits of meditation are universal. While yoga and Reiki are all unique practices, they are all forms of centered that allow the individual to clear their mind of negative thoughts and emotions to allow for growth.

Alternative Health Professional

Chiropractors, acupuncturists, and massage therapists are all considered alternative medicine professionals. However, these forms of medicine are hardly alternative since they pre-date Western medicine. The qualifications and certifications for alternative health professionals vary greatly based on the practice and location. However, they each require specialized education and skills. These healthcare professionals can also provide their patients with insight and suggestions that they may not receive from a traditional doctor’s office.

For example, for smoking cessation, many healthcare professionals will recommend gums, patches, or medications that are filled with chemicals and have possible adverse side effects as a means to quit smoking. An alternative health professional may suggest something safer and arguably more effective such as CBD cigarettes. You might be wondering what are CBD cigarettes?

CBD cigarettes offer a safer alternative to smoking that can provide the sensation of smoking without the harmful chemicals, nicotine, or tobacco. CBD cigarettes are made with CBD hemp flowers, and even the smoke is safer to secondary parties compared to traditional cigarette smoke. Plain Jane has created the first low smell CBD cigarette, which lacks the smell of cannabis and brings out the flavor.