Does medicare provide hearing aids? – Eat Healthiest Foods

The increasing noise pollution is a big factor in creating hearing problems in the people. Other than the noise pollution, aging is another factor that causes you hearing issues. As much as a person gets older, the more difficult he finds it to hear properly and the more he has to listen hard to understand what the other people are saying. Sometimes using a hearing aid such as a digital device can also help you get the desired results. However, these devices are not very economical and one has to think hard before investing this big amount in the hearing aid. But since it is essential to get one to hear properly, people look for affordable options.

A big population of retired and elderly people are taken care of via the medical insurance that is the most famous in America and that goes by the name Medicare. If you have Part A and Part B of the medicare health insurance, then you have a chance to get several kinds of treatments for free. But the question arises that does medicare provide hearing aid as well? What do you know about the Medicare hearing aid coverage 2018? What does it offer and what does it cover?

Well for the people who although have got themselves enrolled in medicare Part A or Part B, the news is not good as medicare does not cover the hearing aids or to be very specific, the digital hearing aids.  If you want to purchase a new hearing device or if you are looking forward to get the one you already have repaired, the answer from medicare would still be negative as they do not offer these services.

Although if you have a hearing illness that can be treated by visiting a doctor and taking the recommended medication and treatment, then yes, medicare Part B can be a lot of help for you since it is a medical insurance, it would cover these charges. But if the doctor has prescribed you the use of a digital hearing aid, then you will have to buy it wither from your pocket or from some other source that would help you purchase it and bear the cost. Since the costs of the hearing aids are very high and the hearing issues are very commonly in the elderly people, medicare still cannot offer this facility. However, we can expect them to work on this issue in the future.