Major Changes in Men’s Bodies After 40 – Eat Healthiest Foods

Gentlemen: it’s unfortunate, but it’s a scientific fact that no matter how gracefully you try to enter middle age, after 40, your body starts to change. If your lucky, this is the beginning. Some of you, however, may have started to experience these changes in your 30s or even 20s. Either way, it’s normal and natural, and while you can’t avoid the march of time, knowing what’s coming can help you prepare for it and mitigate some of the changes. Here are the major ones.

Testosterone Decreases

Let’s start with the big one: testosterone, the chemical that literally makes you a man, begins to diminish. You may experience a loss of muscle, or decreased libido and other “problems” in the bedroom. As bad as that may sound, don’t panic. This is easily treated in a number of ways, sometimes as simple as starting medications or supplements after visiting an ed clinic flint mi. Lowered testosterone is easily treated.

It Takes Longer to Recover

Recovery can refer to many things. Unfortunately, almost all of them are more difficult to recover from after the age of 40. These include everything from injuries to the adverse effects of a night at the bar. Getting the recommended amount of daily exercise can help with aches and pains, and it’s especially important to incorporate both cardiovascular activities and stretching routines like yoga or Pilates. As far as fighting the symptoms of hangovers, drinking plenty of water will help and get plenty of rest afterward.

You Get Sick Less Often

Okay, here’s some good news. By 40, you’ve been exposed to so many colds that your body has built up good defenses and even immunity to many of them. That doesn’t mean you’re invincible, but it is positive.

Don’t be afraid of 40. Just be prepared for the changes, and plan to adjust a little bit accordingly.