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An Early Pregnancy Scan is done to give reassurance in the very primal stages of your pregnancy. Any expecting mother can have this scan any time from 6 weeks onwards. During this stage, the professional can see a very small heartbeat (approximately 5mm). This scan can also be termed as a Viability or Dating Scan. Why you should undergo early scan? This dating scan is useful for the following reasons: To confirm the viability of the pregnancy Determine the number of babies Check the site of the pregnancy Calculate the gestational age of the pregnancy Are unsure of the last date of menstrual period Had a previous miscarriages Experiencing pain or bleeding in the pregnancy Had a previous ectopic pregnancy When to have this scan? The professionals can perform the scan from 6 weeks of gestation. Generally, it is suggested not to have any ultrasound examination prior to 6 weeks as the pregnancy sac may be extremely small to be seen on ultrasound at an early gestational age. Also, the heartbeat is not always noticeable during the initial weeks of pregnancy. Therefore, it is best to visit the sonographer after 6 weeks to see the heartbeat or for reassurance. How can I find the best scanning service provider? You can easily find a reputed clinic offering early pregnancy scans in Leeds by making few mouse clicks. Internet is an excellent medium to fetch the details on any topic. So, type early pregnancy scans in Leeds on a search engine to get the desired results. Visit the official website of the clinic to know the qualification, certification and experience of the professionals. Read feedback given by the former patients to know more about their services. Ask your known ones about a renowned clinic to avail its scanning services. Book a prior appointment to save your precious time. What will happen during the early pregnancy scan? The sonographer will perform an abdominal scan to know the heartbeat of the baby, assess the number of pregnancies, and confirm the expected due date. He might even do a trans-vaginal scan for clearer images. He would explain the whole procedure to the patient and would conduct it after her consent. The professional calculate the expected due date by measuring the distance from the top of the baby’s head (crown) to the bottom of the body (rump). The patients will get 2D prints of the scan to take home and share with the loved ones. How to be prepared for Early Pregnancy Scan?

This scanning technology do not cause any pain. So, do not panic. It is a non-surgical and non-invasive procedure that can be executed in less than 20 minutes. Make sure that your bladder is full before the appointment as it will enhance the image quality. Drink between 1 and 2 pints of water or liquid approximately 60 minutes before the scan. The liquid in the bladder displays a contrast and amends the quality of the image on the screen.