Mental Health in the Modern Age – Eat Healthiest Foods

The study of mental health is something that civilization all but neglected until fairly recently, and this has had a major impact on modern examinations of the topic. For starters, mental illness is often situational, and modern society has been built around some factors that are less than ideal for mental health. Here’s what you need to know about mental health maintenance in the modern era.


CBD is one of two primary ingredients in marijuana, the other one being THC. THC is the compound that makes marijuana a mind-altering drug, while CBD is where the majority of the health benefits, mental and otherwise, come from. Simply go to a Chicago marijuana dispensary and you’ll see that the relationship between these two compounds is often skewed more toward one of those compounds and away from the other. What this means is that medical marijuana has made it easier to get a medicinal strain, rather than a psychoactive one.


One of the major problems of modern society is that it’s truly way too easy to fail to get the exercise you need. Exercise is a physical activity, generally associated with physical fitness. However, it’s also an integral part of regulating your mood. Exercise causes the release of serotonin into your body, and that tends to elevate your mood in the wake of a workout. Your body needs to move, and you need to let it move if you want your body and mind to be their best.


Another big problem with the modern era is that people are routinely giving up sleep in order to get more done. In order to bring your A-game, you need to get the recommended 7 to 9 hours of sleep each night, but you also need to sleep at a consistent time every night. The amount of sleep you need is self-explanatory. However, the consistency, when combined with exercise, ensures that your body will naturally get tired enough to get sound, restorative sleep during that time.

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