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Meta Description: If you are a beginner in cooking, you must know these eight cooking tips that every beginner should know before cooking

Cooking can be easy if you follow these eight cooking tips. These simple tips and tricks will make your meals delicious in no time. Start your cooking journey with basic recipes that are easy to make. In this post, we are going to learn about 8 cooking tips that will step up your cooking.

Eight basic cooking tips for beginners

  1. Use fresh and quality ingredients

Always use quality and fresh ingredients to make your food taste better and safer. Make sure that the preservatives you use have not expired.

There are various recipes where we need to saute onion and garlic. Do the onions first as they take a longer time to soften up whereas garlic takes less time to cook.

  1. Read recipes before you begin to cook

Read recipes before you begin to cook to avoid any mistakes. Reading recipes beforehand will help you to arrange ingredients, and place all the equipment required and sauces.

  1. Shut the gas off before the eggs are done

The secret to making perfect eggs is to turn off the gas before they are done to avoid overcooked eggs.

Buying a good chef’s knife will make your cooking process faster and easier. There are various knives used for various cutting techniques which will save you time. Make sure to buy knives that are a good fit for your hands. Moreover, be careful while using knives and use a plane surface while cutting. For example, if you have larger hands, you can opt for buying knives with 8 to 10″, and for smaller hands, knives with 6 to 7″ will fit better.

Keep a fire extinguisher and a blanket to avoid last moment panicking.

  1. Use the right measuring tools.

If you are a beginner, cooking will be easy if you use measuring spoons.

  1. Add salt to your pasta when it is boiling

To make your pasta taste better, add salt when it’s boiling and never add oil.

To conclude, these simple tips and tricks will make your cooking easier and more efficient. Do not worry about the mistakes, we all make mistakes. Keep trying and eventually, you will master the basics of cooking.