Benefits of Sunshine Summit Lodge Program – Eat Healthiest Foods

Sunshine Summit Lodge makes it possible for individuals to overcome drug and alcohol dependencies in a quiet, rural environment. This therapeutic environment was once an executive retreat. Now, it offers a wide range of services that can help people conquer their substance dependencies through successful plans that emphasize a holistic approach to health and living. The Sunshine Summit Lodge Program Every guest at Sunshine Summit Lodge has his or her unique needs. That’s why our program offers a personalized approach to sobriety. Typically, the program lasts between three and four months. The program has a 76% success rate. Anyone who relapses into drug or alcohol use within six months of completing the program can return without paying extra costs. Guests usually begin their stay by undergoing a drug-free withdrawal. During this time, the body purges itself of residual substances stored in fat cells. Most people find that they experience depression, anxiety, and intense cravings during the withdrawal process. The professionals at Sunshine Summit Lodge help guests move through these symptoms by providing enriching meals, a stress-free environment, and a sauna that helps the body eliminate harmful drugs.

Most guests find that cognitive behavior modification therapy teaches them how to live without relying on drugs or alcohol. Counseling, supervision, and Life Skills courses show patients how they can change their behavioral patterns by taking control of their actions. Social interaction also plays an important role in teaching patients how to develop relationships without drugs and alcohol while also giving them support of their peers. Benefiting from Sunshine Summit Lodge The guests at Sunshine Summit Lodge break the cycle of substance abuse and learn how to live life without drugs and alcohol. After graduation, they can take advantage of several opportunities. Some graduates choose to return to their homes. Others enter sober living homes, volunteer at the facility to stay focused, or even join Sunshine Summit Lodge’s internship program. This holistic approach to breaking the addiction cycle and staying free of drugs and alcohol leads to long-term sobriety. Find several benefits of Sunshine Summit Lodge Program and release yourself from drug or alcohol addiction easily.