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Can prostatitis be cured It is necessary to be definite that although there is no specially good effect in medical field to cure chronic prostatitis, most of prostatitis can be cured only when patients can set up their confidence to defeat the disease, have patience to continue comprehensive therapy and have the resolution to overcome bad habits in daily life. According to analysis from clinical practice, many people lack of basic knowledge about the disease. Some appear serious mental burden because there are numerous rumors in our society. Even some persons have seen well-known doctors across the country, used lots of medicines and certain inappropriate ways of treatment, spent amounts of money or been cheated by someone in the name of doctors causing severe result, which is shocking. Thus, you must go to standard hospital if you have the disease in case you were misdiagnosed. Only when you believe scientific diagnosis can you give the guarantee of health. There are two indicators can be used to judge the effect of treatment: one is relatively subjective, that’s to say, whether original various discomforts in patients’ body have been disappeared or relived. The treatments are effective if your answer is positive. The other indicator is objective. That is to recheck prostate in hospitals. If the number of white blood cells in per high-power field is less than 10, the result shows the treatments are effective. There are two reasons why the symptoms of patients’ prostatitis can not be eliminated. One is there lies in other pathology which is misdiagnosed in the patients’ body. At the time, it will lack of effect if the condition is treated according to prostatitis. For example, if the patients have developed prostatitis while suffering from lumbar muscle strain, their symptoms of pain in the lumbar muscle will not disappear as prostatitis is cured. Thus, we must be definite to know the causes of different diseases for the disease, and choose rational ways to treat the diseases. The other reason is that the patients have developed the diseases for many years, causing partial discomforts have deeply implanted in the central nervous system of the cerebral cortex. Besides, patients worry about chronic prostatitis, even though their body can be cured, it is still unhealthy for them in spirit and psychology. For the patients, we must give Psychological counseling. In order to cure chronic prostatitis or reduce the number of recurrence, the patients who used to develop the diseases should form good habits in life. Although chronic prostatitis can cause such discomforts as Lumbar abdomen, perineum, scrotum, anus and so on, they are not trouble diseases. It is worrying about the chronic prostatitis too much, the titanic pressure on sexual function, fertility that become the main reasons. In conclusion, chronic prostaitits is not cured impossibly, but the ways of treatment which is not rational and not continue to treat cause the disease can not be healed. So, it must be cured if the patients can avoid the influences of some bad habits. You can click our official website: if you want to know more relevant knowledge.