Herbalife’s In-House Innovation and Manufacturing Facilities Use Nothing But Quality Ingredients – Eat Healthiest Foods

When Herbalife Nutrition first introduced a shake-based nutrition plan, people had a hard time believing it would do what the company said it would. Forty years later, more than 4.8 million customers use Herbalife products for their daily nutrition and wellness needs.

Today, Herbalife Nutrition has a team of more than 300 scientists and doctors who set the company’s global product standards. The team uses 151 ingredient testing methods to ensure quality. The team also checks and rechecks ingredients to make sure they conform to the government regulations and the company’s manufacturing process. Herbalife calls this process, “Seed to Feed.”

Seed to Feed means all ingredients must pass a quality control process that starts before they become part of any formula. The Herbalife team focuses on quality ingredients because millions of consumers trust their products and use them as part of their daily nutrition plan.

The ingredients used in Herbalife Nutrition’s products come from generational farmers – suppliers who have a proven track record for quality. For instance, their tea is sourced from the oldest and most fertile regions in China, from farmers who have been harvesting tea for generations.

Similarly, the aloe Herbalife uses from Mexico, and US soybeans have to adhere to the same strict specifications to ensure quality, taste, and effectiveness. The screening process for potential ingredients may take more than 18 months. After the initial screening process, the team performs in-house tests to maintain ingredient consistency, so each formula has nothing but the finest components in every formula.

The company currently operates five in-house manufacturing facilities. The company decided the first in-house facility had to be in Suzhou, China. A couple of years later, they built the Herbalife Innovation and Manufacturing facility (HIM) in Lake Forest, California. The Shangsha, China HIM started production in 2012, and the more recent Winston-Salem HIM facility in North Carolina is the largest and most productive facility. The Winston-Salem HIM is the size of six football fields.

Herbalife’s Quality Control Center of Excellence Lab is also part of the Winston-Salem HIM facility. This lab tests each formula to ensure product consistency, and to make sure all products pass physical, chemical, and microbiological tests.

Once Herbalife’s products leave its Innovation and Manufacturing Facilities, the team continues to monitor products through traceability. This customer-centered approach helps Herbalife monitor customer feedback and comments about its products.