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can ladies lose weight in pregnancy?

A weight loss for pregnant lady is what a lot of us desire. In fact, no one wants to be extremely obese. You must also be craving for a slim and flexible body. Now, you must be thinking that what about pregnant ladies. Is it advisable for them to lose weight during pregnancy? It definitely is. A scientific study suggests that a lot of risks concerning the health can be reduced if obese women try to lose weight during pregnancy, for example gestational diabetes. But make sure, throughout the entire time period of your weight loss, you are checked by a doctor, in short intervals of time.  This article will tell you everything about the dos and don’ts that you need to follow while weight loss during pregnancy.

1.  Reduce calorie intake

Always keep this in mind that you are intending to lose weight. You need to decrease your cravings for food. Give up on food that are rich in protein temporarily like chicken, egg, mutton, etc. For the time being, resort to a diet full of carbohydrates only.  If possible, consult a dietitian and maintain a diet chart. Follow the diet chart strictly to track your progress. If possible, maintain a log to record the amount of calorie that you are taking in on a daily basis.

2. Don’t stop eating or reduce eating to a huge extent.

Never go on a fast during pregnancy. It is advisable to reduce eating when you are pregnant but not stop eating completely. Why is that so? Because you and your child need to stay fit during this time period. Hence, nutrition is required for both of you. However, make sure you don’t intake more than 1700 calories per day. That is the minimum level of calories you must intake each day in order to lose weight during pregnancy.

  1. Exercise for a short time daily throughout your pregnancy period.A lot of pregnant women fear to exercise when they are pregnant, thinking that this might be posing threat to their children. But it is not like that. There are certain exercises that are harmful and are indeed unadvisable during pregnancy period, like sit ups. However, exercising is beneficial overall. Try going for a walk atleast once a day when you are pregnant. Resort to yoga. In the initial phases of your pregnancy time period you can even try swimming and jogging. It is extremely beneficial, contrary to the popular belief.

    4. Stay hydrated.
    One of the most important things that you need to focus on while you’re pregnant is your hydration level. Never get dehydrated. Most importantly, if you are resorting to exercising, keep drinking lots of water at certain time intervals. It will always keep you hydrated and thus, help you lose weight at a faster rate.

    If you follow the aforementioned techniques, there is no doubt you will soon lose a lot of weight during your pregnancy. It is extremely safe so don’t think much, go ahead.