Sweet Sound of Silence | Pediatric and Laser Dentistry

Solea, the first CO2 dental laser cleared by the FDA, proves that silence really is golden.

For a long time, going to the dentist has had a bad rap. In fact, 50% of Americans do not regularly go, a hurdle we work hard to overcome by investing in the best technology on the market. The newest addition to our practice, Solea, is so good, in fact, you can’t even hear it at work.

Solea is a new dental laser that is quickly becoming the industry standard. People often compare it to Lasik, and how that technology revolutionized corrective eye surgery. When we first heard about Solea, we learned as much as possible, and it became clear that this was a technology we could not live without. Today, it has replaced dental drills for the majority of procedures in our office, which means no more noise,uncomfortable vibration, or anxiety. It also means we can do more in less time. For you that means fewerand quicker appointments.

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