The basic guide: Orthopedic clinic – Eat Healthiest Foods

The orthopedic surgery or is the surgery branch that mainly is concerned with the conditions that involve the musculoskeletal system. It is also known as orthopaedics. Surgeons use the nonsurgical and surgical methods to treat the musculoskeletal trauma, congenital disorders, tumors, infections, degenerative diseases, sports injuries as well as the spine trauma. If you are willing to know more regarding this topic we have mentioned some of the details in this article to provide you an understanding regarding the good orthopaedic clinic in Singapore.

Most common orthopaedic surgeries

In order to provide you a little detail regarding this concept, we have listed some of the main orthopaedic surgeries. You might be aware of some of these kinds of surgeries while you will get to know about the other ones in this article.

ACL reconstruction surgery

ACL simply stands for Anterior Cruciate Ligament and is one of the most commonly found ligament in your knee. The ligament is meant to provide stability to your knees. During the surgery, the surgeon uses a tendon from other body parts and use it for the reconstruction of the torn ACL. Mostly the patients are allowed to go home on the same day as after the surgery takes place.

Knee Replacement surgery

Depending on the kind of injury and how crucial the condition is the surgeons in the good orthopaedic clinic will decide whether you require the partial or complete knee replacement. The surgery process includes replacement of entire knee joints with metal components. It is made sure that only the damaged portion is replaced during the surgery.

Shoulder Replacement Surgery

In this kind of surgery, the top portion of the upper arm bone is removed and is replaced with a metal ball. The damaged portion of the socket is replaced by the plastic prosthetics in order to make sure that the shoulder is working properly without causing any trouble to the patient. The rotator cuff is meant to hold everything in the right place. In case the rotator cuff is also found in the damaged condition the Reverse shoulder replacement surgery is then performed by the surgeon. The bones and sockets are held in place with the help of plates and screws.

Hip replacement surgery

The thigh bone in your body is connected to the hip bone and is known to maintain proper balance in your body. There mainly are two type of hip replacement surgeries one is the traditional approach that means to replace the entire ball and socket joints with metal or plastic prosthetics. The other approach towards it is the Birmingham Hip Resurfacing where only the damaged portion is replaced.

Knee Arthroscopy

This kind of surgery performed in the good orthopaedic clinic in Singapore is known to be minimally invasive. The surgeon attaches a little camera with the instruments and inserts it in the knee joint. This allows them to see what is actually going on in there. The images are projected on a screen, and this makes it easier for the doctor to correct the problem.