Types of Braces | Pediatric and Laser Dentistry

Dr. Prater and Dr. Bre have several techniques for delivering your child’s perfect smile. The most traditional way is the silver braces you remember from childhood. Using silver braces can be the most cost effective and time effective method of treatment.

Ceramic braces use all the same time-proven methods of Silver braces but some of the pieces are made of clear ceramic and are less noticable to others.

Our office is a ClearCorrect provider of clear aligners that fit over your teeth and are worn full time. Often, this type of treatment can be completed over a shorter span of time than with traditional braces. Please contact our office to schedule a complimentary evaluation to determine if your teenager would be a candidate for this course of treatment.

When orthodontic care is complete, it is important to keep your child’s teeth aligned with retainers that are worn at night.