Balmoral Bootcamps – Questions to Ask The Trainer When Choosing a Boot Camp Class – Eat Healthiest Foods


Your fitness trainer is a key person when it comes to determining the overall affectivity of your bootcamp stint. In other words it can be safely said that your training sessions are only going to be as good as your trainer. So it’s important to choose the kind of Balmoral bootcamp class you want to enroll in and ask expert a few intelligent questions before you actually join the course. What are the qualifications of the trainer? Since the effectivity of your training sessions will largely depend upon the competency of your trainer it’s important to question your potential expert about his qualifications, credibility and experience. It’s very important that the person at the bootcamps in Balmoral has been certified by a leading fitness body and has a valid certificate to show for it. You could also ask the trainer about the relevant experience he has in training older adults, women etc (this depends upon the age group you belong to). You could also ask for references of ex-participants of Balmoral bootcamps. Calling them up and talking to them will give you a better idea about the Balmoral bootcamps. What size of class are you signing up for? On the surface this question may not seem like very important but in reality the STRENGTH OF THE CLASS MATTERS A LOT. Having a whole lot of people in one group will mean that the trainer cannot give equal attention to all. It becomes very difficult for the members to ask for individual feedback from the trainer.

It’s wiser to aim for joining a class which has up to one dozen participants. His way you will be assured of getting individual attention from the trainer. Will the instructor modify the regime according to your limitations? This is very important especially if you have heart problems, diabetes, high B.P or any other physical limitations. Your trainer must be able prescribe suitable alternatives to various exercises prescribed by usually. If you have a nagging pain then your trainer should be able to teach you moves which avoid straining the injured are. If you are above the age of 30 and have basically led a sedentary life then your trainer must be able to chalk out a graduated training course for you. If you are above the age of 50 then it’s compulsory that your trainer puts you into a customised exercise regime. Ask your trainer whether he will be able to do all this before you sign in under him. How will your classes be adjusted? If you miss out on a particular class in the Balmoral bootcamp due to a genuine reason then there should be a provision of adjusting the missed session somewhere. Ask questions like “what happens if the class gets cancelled due to rain or rough weather?” What happens if the trainer is ill and unable to come? Hearing the answers to these questions will let you know how suitable your Balmoral bootcamp classes are going to be.