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Top Review for Good

To spend all day in theme parks or Renfaires, he wanted a durable but lightweight pack! I’m walking with a walker, so I made sure it had a nice solid harness or could match my walker net comfortably! Every need has been satisfied! Getting the freezer squares was fine above and beyond! You should carry bread, water, medication, and keep it cold! This will be the only lunch bag you ever purchase for seniors or someone else. Smartest buy ever!

Top Analysis of Negatives

I liked the bag initially. It was very lightweight and saved space and looked elegant. Three weeks ago, I started using it and I found that the seams on the handle started to loose at the end of week one. I picked up the bag this morning to carry my lunch to work and unravelled the handle and the bag dropped on the kitchen floor. So now I’m left using just the shoulder brace, which is an annoyance, particularly in the morning when I don’t want to crush my work outfit. Now I have to look for a new meal prep bag.

Meal Prep Bag ISOBAG 3 Meal Insulated Lunch Bag Cooler with 6 Stackable Meal Prep Containers

Top Positive Review

What a terrific bag. In servicing, I work on a flight line and having a lunch away from work is a privilege that the atmosphere of my profession does not provide. Timing is key for repairs, so we always feed on the work truck, and or a couple of mini meals to support us as we wait until we go in and get a good big meal to pounce on a fix. This bag carries a dinner, a lunch wrap, some fruit, and 2 ice packs in the main compartment (it is necessary not to fill too much of the main compartment because it appears to only keep stuff cool rather than cold without adequate air to circulate). It holds a 16-24 oz blender bottle on one side with the zipper closed, the other side holds my Beast, and both in the same pouch are either a V8 Energy or a starbucks double shot. Any plastic-ware, tiny Ziploc nuts, 2 protein bars, my portable battery charger (approximately 2’x0.5’x3.5″), a small washcloth for a napkin, a box of quaker oatmeal, and some condiment packets are in the top section. It was an expensive transaction and I was concerned that I was financially reckless at first, but I was told that the investment was worth the commodity within 2 weeks of use. It would last for at least 5 years, although this is most definitely a 10-year buy. Made good, gentlemen. Done good.

Top Analysis of Negatives

It was a decent size, and the cans, ice packs, and pouches were perfect.

Mine, though, actually falls apart where the handle attaches to the bag and the wide insulated middle section is torn open.

I am 3 days past the amazon return option. Terrific…

If you’re incredibly gentle, that’s a fantastic bag, but mine literally exploded after about 2 months of use.

A2S Full Lunch Box for Meal Prep

Top Review for Good

The bag and the thermos are excellent, but the containers tend to be used! They are scratched on the lid and on the bottom jar as well! Greatly disappointed! For some refurbished pieces, I did not pay $40. I’m going to return it. UPDATE: I should have sworn I had this analysis revised… Okay, well, maybe this time it’ll last. I only wanted to let everyone know that I’m switching my rating from 1 to 5 stars. A while back, the seller approached me (I said I thought I had revised the review) and told me that the containers would often get scratched up during shipment. A new set of perfect containers was sent to me and they served us very well. The kit as a whole is fantastic and robust. My w/b girls have been using these bags for some time to be confident. 🙂

Top Analysis of Negatives

It was very badly built. Containers do not spill, and lids do not remain closed. On a 15-minute commute, Thermos even leaks and coffee does not remain hot. Almost all Amazon items are turning into Walmart crap, save your money individuals. Zipper is already now destroyed.

Rockland Guard – Lighter, Sealed Meal Prep Pack

Top Review for Good

It’s my first day with my new lunch box today and I’ve got to admit that I love it so much. It suits well with my meal prep containers and I love that it has two handling choices. The compartment and the ice square I bought remained pretty cold. The only con I can think of is that the zipper is a little flimsy and gets snagged at the key opening.

Top Analysis of Negatives

I like the style of this lunch box very much. After two days of daily use though, it did not keep up. I’m going to buy a patch, since I may have a faulty one. My analysis will be revised in the future.