Maintain the precious eyesight with regular eye exam – Eat Healthiest Foods

Sight is so precious to man that throughout life it requires attention, surveillance and sometimes correction. With a regular eye exam, you and your optometrist will stay informed about changes in your vision and overall health as you age. Depending on the results of the kraff eye institute examinations, solutions may be found to maintain good eye health and clear vision.

How often should you check your eyesight?

It is never too early to schedule an eye exam. If you wear corrective glasses and / or contact lenses: you should have your eye examined every two years. Have your lenses checked every years at your contact ologycenter, optometrist.

Children first!

In children, early detection is essential: between 0 and 5 years old, more than one in six has vision problems and wears glasses. Even if there are no symptoms, do not neglect the check-ups. The different stages of schooling starting kindergarten, then elementary and college, are key moments that should not be missed. This is also an opportunity to ask your ophthalmologist for advice if your child, who has become a teenager, wishes to wear contact lenses.

From 20 to 40 years old: a check-up to return to work in style

Between the ages of 20 and 40, even if you do not suffer from any visual abnormalities, your eyes are exposed to various daily attacks that can weaken them and affect your vision in the long term: working on a screen, pollution, exposure to the sun without protection, etc. At the start of the school year, take the time to have your eyes examined by an ophthalmologist.

40 years and over: the need for regular checks

From the age of 40, new vision problems can occur. This is particularly the case of presbyopia, which does not reflect a visual defect but an aging of the lens, which loses its flexibility and no longer allows the eye a good accommodation. Consult your ophthalmologist at the same time as your children to regain the sight of your 20 years!

At age 50 and over, check-ups should be even more regular to prevent possible eye and visual system disorders, responsible for severe deficiencies (AMD, glaucoma, cataracts). All the more reason to take stock at the start of the school year!