Industry Leaders Like Herbalife Nutrition Recommend Adding More Healthy Fish to Your Weekly Meals – Eat Healthiest Foods

Fish is an incredible food: It’s filled with healthy fats and proteins, helps fight heart disease, and offers a variety of different tastes for all palettes. Plus, fish is lean enough to help people lose weight and versatile enough to belong in all sorts of dishes. In other words, we should all be eating more fish!

But if it’s been a while since you ate fish and it’s not a part of your regular meal plans, that’s okay: Herbalife Nutrition can help with tips on how to include fish in your weekly meal cycle ― and make sure it tastes delicious every time while providing nutrition that you need.

Whip Up a Quick Salad

Spinach, a can of tuna mixed with a little olive oil and spices, and veggies of your choice make an instant salad that’s effortless and tasty. It’s a perfect option for busy evenings when you don’t have time to make a meal or if you’re prepping a quick lunch. The leafy greens of the salad make this option healthier and low-carb compared to a boring old tuna sandwich, and the variations are endless. If you don’t like tuna, check out other affordable canned fish for different taste options.

Grill a Filet for a Great Meal

If you don’t eat much fish for dinner, try getting a filet (salmon is an excellent choice) on your next trip to the store and grill it up. Grilling is an ideal way to cook fish because it lets you avoid high-calorie options like breading or frying, which add a lot of unnecessary fat and obscure the natural taste of the fish. Some people like to grill fish on top of lemon slices to add flavor and avoid burning ― it’s OK to get a little inventive here! Instead of using breading, make a delicious sauce that goes a long way with just a dab. One of our favorites is a sriracha-mayo sauce to add some spice.

Make Fish Cakes

If you’ve never tried fish cakes before, they could quickly become a favorite meal in your rotation. They can be made with anything from cod to salmon, plus bread crumbs and an egg. Some recipes also include leftover potatoes, although, of course, this raises the calorie count. Cook the fish cakes in a pan ― you don’t need to drench them in oil, so this is an easy way to cut down on fats compared to something like fried fish sticks. Add a little seasoning, and the fish cakes are ready to eat! They pair perfectly with a salad, are popular with kids, and are easy to make! Tartar sauce is a common side, but it’s best to make a light version at home rather than choose a store-bought option.

Replace Chicken with Fish

Chicken and fish may be more interchangeable than you knew. It’s simple to include more fish in your diet by using it in recipes as a replacement for chicken. Planning a meal that uses baked chicken? Bake up a fish steak instead (a lot of healthy chicken glazes also taste great on fish, so feel free to experiment). Fish is also a good chicken substitute when you’re making casseroles. Fish tacos are, of course, an immensely popular choice, but we’ll make a suggestion: Combine black beans, salsa, greens and fish in a bowl to make a fish taco dip, and eat it with chips! It’s less messy and a bit easier to control portion sizes when you’re filling up bowls.

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