The Most Effective Therapy for Pain and Inflammation – Eat Healthiest Foods

Arthritis remains one of the most common age-related ailments, and unfortunately, there is no cure for orthopedic and rheumatologic diseases. However, experts are studying how cold temperatures can effectively diminish pain and inflammation for long periods of time. Athletes have been using it for over a decade, and doctors say it helps by kicking your adrenaline and endorphins into overdrive: cryotherapy. When it comes to arthritis treatment port charlotte fl doctors say a few minutes in a cold chamber can work wonders.

Arthritis Can Be Disabling

Arthritis affects people in several ways. Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) causes inflammation in the lining of the joints, which causes a reduction in range of motion, and swelling and pain. It also affects the cartilage, bones, tendons and ligaments, and can render a person bed-ridden if not brought under control. The manifestations of this disease are mainly pain and inflammation in the joints of the hands, fingers, knees, shoulders and ankles, and while low-impact exercise, yoga, and a healthy restricted diet can help diminish the symptoms, it cannot be cured. Arthritis sufferers typically rely on prescribed medication for the rest of their lives but using cryotherapy as a form of arthritis treatment could drastically change the way doctors treat the disease.

A Treatment Athletes Rely Upon

Competitive athletes use cryo-therapy for training preparation and to regenerate tissue after brutal games. For decades, ice baths were the norm for athletes, but today they rely upon cold chambers. These chambers are also popping up in clinics to relieve rheumatism because doctors point out how medically effective the procedure has become. Studies are on-going, but scientists propose that regular full-body cold treatments, in a cold sauna, will result in a permanent reduction in pain in rheumatic patients, thus diminishing the need for drug therapy.

Patients say the analgesic effect can be observed immediately after a single application in the cryo-sauna. Due to the anti-inflammatory effect of cold temperatures, the therapy is also suitable for most injuries, as they suppress pain, and reduce muscle tension. The result has shown improved mobility and less pain.

How Cryotherapy Helps the Body

Cryotherapy is a treatment that is carried out with liquid nitrogen. The cold temperatures increase the production of red blood cells, deflates, relaxes, and lowers levels of lactic acid in muscles, and thus improves the patient’s performance by up to 40 percent. The therapy is quick, lasting between 3 and 6 minutes, depending on the severity of the case and typically about five sessions are required. However, the amount of sessions varies according to the pathology of the patient.

There are two types of treatment, one for the whole body for which a cryotherapy chamber is used, and another of a focused type, for which a device is used only in the specific area. Patients have always complained about low temperatures exacerbating the symptoms of those suffering from rheumatoid and osteoarthritis arthritis, but patients worldwide say cryotherapy not only strengthens the immune system, but a decrease in pain and inflammation is instantly noticeable.