Different Facts About End Seals – Eat Healthiest Foods

End seals are responsible for keeping ink from leaking out the chamber’s ends in an enclosed doctor blade system. Selecting the right seal is crucial for ensuring that your doctor blades are seated properly and save you time and money. The facts about them can help you choose the right one for your machine.

Problems From Failed End Seals

Several common problems occur if your seals fail. This includes chamber leaks, poor graphic quality, excessive blade wear, premature anilox roll wear, and downtime.

Why Chamber Leaks Occur

While the engraving and printing industry sees chamber leaks caused by many things, failed seals are the most common cause. Oftentimes, these seals fail because they are not the correct material for a printer. They can also fail because they are not the correct fit. If they are the wrong size, shape, or material, the liquid can leak out the seal. Furthermore, if the seals are not properly lubricated, they can experience build-up and fail. Be sure to work closely with your supplier to minimize problems like these and chamber leaks.

End Seal Materials

There are various materials used to make seals that range in abrasion and solvent resistance, and durability. Foam seals are the most commonly used and tend to be the cheapest option, although they do not last that long. Meanwhile, rubber seals cost a little more and last significantly longer. However, if you have trouble finding a seal that fits the machine, a felt seal may be the only way to stop leaks. Work with your supplier to help figure out which materials are best for your machine.

Choosing the right seal is important for your printing business. This is because the right seal can prevent failure and the associated problems. In other words, choosing the right one can save you time and money.

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