Hormone Therapy – An Effective Treatment – Eat Healthiest Foods

Hormone therapy is a procedure that allows an individual to relieve symptoms associated with the development of male and female hormones. Hormones are natural substances that are produced by the ovaries. While most men and women produce an abundance of testosterone, estrogen, and progesterone, some individuals experience occurrences in which these three hormones become unbalanced or are depleted from the body.

When this occurs, these individuals can experience a wide array of symptoms including hot flashes, sleep disorders, depression, anxiety, and irritability. For many people, the reduction of hormones can lead to depression, which can exacerbate symptoms, leading to poor self-esteem, loss of interest in activities, and thoughts of suicide.

The idea behind hormone therapy for men and women is that excess hormones can be reduced or eliminated from the body. Hormone replacement therapy by hormone therapy Dallas can be administered in numerous ways. These include: hormone injections, hormone therapy pills, topical creams and lotions, dosing systems for injection, and topically applied solutions. All of these methods have shown significant success when it comes to hormone therapy for men and women.

Hormone therapy for men is primarily designed for older men who are experiencing a decline in testosterone levels as a result of age. Testosterone is the primary hormone that contributes to the development of secondary sexual characteristics, such as breast growth, hair development, and voice tone.

As men age, naturally occurring androgens (male hormones) are released in smaller amounts than estrogen and progesterone. These amounts are insufficient to maintain normal sexual functions, so hormone therapy can help men maintain healthy sexual functioning and pursue other activities. This therapy is also commonly recommended to prevent the onset of osteoporosis and decrease the effects of estrogen dominance.

For women, hormone therapy for men and women is most often recommended to reduce the effects of menopause and to promote healthy functioning during menopause. Menopause is a natural part of aging, but symptoms can cause great distress to both men and women. Menopause is often accompanied by a variety of symptoms, including hot flashes and sleep disturbances. Some of these symptoms are related to hormone deficiencies; however, many are caused by the effects of peri-menopause on the female body. Women who experience severe hot flashes, moodiness, and decreased interest in sex often turn to hormone therapy to prevent the onset of menopause and reduce its harmful effects.

Hormone treatment can be administered orally or sublingually, meaning that the medication is applied to the skin via a pill. Oral therapy may also be performed, but is less common because of the ease of applying the treatment. Sublingual delivery is more effective because it is placed directly into the blood stream, where it has the added advantage of being able to target specific hormones. Women may also be given a transdermal gel that contains the hormone treatment, which they can apply to their breasts or to any other part of their body that they desire.

As previously mentioned, menopause can cause many different physical and psychological symptoms, including hot flashes, night sweats, and depression. Many women turn to hormone therapy Dallas for relief from these symptoms and the associated symptoms that accompany menopause.

It is important to note, however, that not all women will experience the same results. Each individual is unique and there are other factors that may affect the success rate of hormone therapy Dallas. Before starting hormone therapy, make sure you discuss all of your options with your doctor so that you receive the best possible treatment.