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As technology continues to evolve, different products and gadgets were invented each day. There is no doubt that technology offers a lot of improvement on how people live. Factories, shops, restaurants, clinics, and other establishments are almost everywhere. So, it is expected that this might be one of the causes of pollution. Waste products should be properly managed.

A clean environment is necessary for healthy living. The more you don’t give value to the environment, the more it will become polluted. With toxins and contaminants that harm the health. Biodiversity is important. Thus, business owners should be responsible for proper waste management. Which will not affect the environment and other people.

One of the most influential healthcare service companies in the world is Daniels. With their safe practices, it becomes the benchmark of global standards. Their treatment technologies and robotic washing have acquired benchmark levels of decontamination. Daniels advanced medical waste products have gained global recognition. In the scientific and clinical communities for giving safety to the healthcare staff. And also for the protection of environmental outcomes.  They have many beneficial products, and one of these is Shopsmart.

What is Sharpsmart?

Sharpsmart is the world’s leading sharps disposal safety product. It was the result of the 5 years of R&D and passion and clinical research of their founder Dan Daniels. To remove the needlestick injuries. The Daniels Sharpsmart container led the industry for 20 years. The sharp smart is more than just a sharps container. It is an innovative safety device proven to reduce needlestick injury rates.

Sharpsmart is the first reusable sharps waste containment system. To protect actively against infection risk and needlestick injuries. Sharpsmart is acknowledged in global medical journals. As being the safest container in the world.

Daniel Sharpsmart has achieved more scientific validation. And more clinical than any other sharps container in the world. Meticulous Research of the Daniels  Sharpsmart comprise:

  1. 87% reduction injuries in needlestick
  2. 20% reduction in containers and costs because of the containers smart design
  3. 20% waste reduction year even with growing patient bed occupation
  4. 33% environmental impact reduction through CO2 emissions and reduced plastics

A standard shaps container typically needs many touches. And contamination risk is removed with the Sharpsmart. Reduce needlestick injury risk via:

  • Overfill protection, the containers inbuilt safety tray limits overfilling
  • Large gap gravity-sensitive sharps disposal tray with anti-bounce design
  • 100% inbuilt design, no extra plugs or cabinets that could inhibit safety

Sharpsmart also lessens infection control risk via:

  • Hands-free disposal with zero container assembly
  • Always raised via interchangeable mounting and mobile accessories
  • Robotic washing and sanitization removes microbial growth

The Daniels Sharpsmart preserves users not only in risk-free sharps disposal. Yet also removes touch, overfill, and cross-contamination risks. You can check this website for more detailed information